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Tackling Your Engagement Photoshoot

It’s the big day!

Or the prelude at least, no less important though!

And I get it; you’re scared and nervous, from the thought of the event itself or other concerns about the functions to come. I’ve seen it many times in clients and I’m here to tell you, relax!

Here is some advice I’ve come up with in my years of photographing couples on how to unwind on your engagement day and make the most of it.

   1. Have Fun

The engagement shoot is for you, the couple. To capture your first few golden memories among many, it is your day. Have fun with it and relax, it’s not a job interview or even the main event itself. Try to be as creative and experimental as you want in the pictures.

   2. Communicate

The engagement shoot is your first real test at couple communication skills. Communicate and talk with each other on the kinds of photos the two of you would want. Hold each other’s hands, kiss, rest your heads on each other, and communicate through words and body.

Same goes for your photographer, they are there to help capture your beautiful moments. Converse and discuss with them what pictures you want and they will be more than happy to make it come true.

   3. Variety

Take at least 3-4 outfits from casual to formal to date like to try out multiple photo variations. The same kind of photography can get dull or boring; bring trusted props like your guitar or the family dog.

Booking the Photographer

If you are looking for engagement photographers in Destin and Miramar Beach, FL to capture your memories on its idyllic shores and emerald waters then contact Julie Marie White Photography. Our years of experience as local wedding photographers will ensure you the best results; you can book a consultation or call us on 850-428-7148

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