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Bridal Photography

Bridal portraits are quickly becoming a cherished tradition. A bridal photoshoot can also serve as a test run for your wedding day. So you should definitely invest in a good photographer to ensure that your look turns out great and you have a good record of it.

Florida is well-known for its beach weddings. And what better place to have your marriage than at sandy shores with the stunning water by your side?

So if you’re looking for professional bridal photography or engagement photography at Destin and Miramar Beach, FL, to cover your beach wedding, Julie Marie White Photography might be the right choice for you. My husband and I have both completed a home study curriculum from The New York Institute of Photography in 2011, so we know how to capture stunning shots at your wedding. The natural backdrop of a gorgeous sunset, stunning waters and the sandy beaches helps to accentuate the beauty of the photographs and creates a fantastic atmosphere for you.

We’ve been in this industry for 9 years and offer great services at discounted prices. Apart from this, we’re friendly and accommodating. Let us offer you a chance to commemorate your union by capturing breathtaking shots of you and your spouse-to-be in the perfect setting at your dream wedding or at your engagement ceremony.  

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve got a range of packages to offer you – from the Single Wedding Package to the Premium Wedding Package.    

To know more about the packages of Bridal Photography by Julie Marie White Photography, see some of our sample work or read reviews by our previous customers by visiting our website.

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